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The Millennium Med Center for Medical Weight Loss offers 4 distinct and comprehensive program options tailored to the individual needs by Dr. Maria O’Brien, MD, a board-certified family doctor with over 20 years experience. Each session involves a metabolic analysis, a special dietary component, a one-on-one counseling component and an exercise component.

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In many cases, the dietary component includes the use of a liquid diet program, the most nutritionally complete and medically sound food replacement product on the market. Once old food habits have been broken, Dr. O’Brien creates the appropriate food maintenance regiment and diet program designed for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.**

Every relationship at CMWL begins with an independent evaluation of your health, medications and prior diet and weight loss programs you may have tried. The doctor will analyze your metabolic rate and your body composition of water, muscle, and fat. Based on these measurements, the doctor will be able to accurately predict the maximum amount of weight you will be able to lose safely over a specific period of time.** The goal is to make sure you lose fat while maintaining your muscle, water, and metabolic rate. The same approach allows the doctor to design a program that will make it easier for you to keep the weight off in the future.** At each visit, the one-on-one counseling will help you learn valuable insights into how to approach your daily life to maintain the weight loss you are achieving.

During the duration of the program, you will also have a full health evaluation and medical conditions will be addressed, medication will be administered or adjusted. As you begin to lose weight, not only will you feel better about your appearance, but you will feel much more energetic and your health will improve as illustrated by a reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and an increase in your energy and well-being.**

During the duration of the program, you will not find magic at Millennium Med Center for Medical Weight Loss, but you will find yourself healthier, fitter and more spiritually happy than ever before.**

**Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Our patient’s Individual weight loss may vary.

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