Aging Eyes

The eyes are one of the first areas to show the signs of aging in the form of crow’s feet, skin laxity, drooping eyelids, dark circles, underneath hollowing.

Fortunately, many of these can be improved or corrected with the tools that we have at Millennium Med. At your consultation Dr. O’Brien will evaluate your concerns and choose the most appropriate ones.

Botox is used to erase dynamic lines, including the ones at the corner of the eyes, the so-called crow’s feet. Also skillfully placed small amounts can lift the eyebrows, opening the eyes and giving a more youthful appearance.

Juvederm is very effective at filling tear troughs, correcting fine lines and frown lines and reshaping the brow arch.

Venus Freeze, with its ability of stimulating collagen formation deep in the skin and improve circulation, can tighten skin around the eye, elevate the eyebrows, reduce fine lines and erase dark circles.

Both Venus Viva and Vampire facial, as a stand-alone or in combination, can tighten the eyelids skin, lift eyebrows, and erase fine lines.

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