The dietary functional food approach is helpful to any individual looking for weight loss and wellness or wishing to prevent or improve chronic diseases and maintain a good energy level, healthy digestion, joint comfort, and an overall sense of wellness. That describes most of us, in the modern world.


Am I a candidate for a detox program?

– Yes, if you do not feel that you are as healthy and energetic as you should be.

– Yes, if you are chronically exposed to a toxic environment (hair salon, dry cleaner, auto-mechanic, welders,

   construction workers, farmers, nurses and hospital personnel, chemists, etc)

– Yes, if you have an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

– Yes, if you eat often out.

– Yes, if you have had a recent acute toxic exposure.

– Yes, if you are on multiple medications.

– Yes if you had cancer or have a direct family history of cancer.

– Yes, because we are ALL exposed to pollutants in air and water, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, BPA, synthetic

   hormones even when we are making efforts on eating and living “healthy”.


The program combines a reduced calorie Elimination Diet, aimed at reducing body’s inflammatory response, with Supplements and Functional food, meant to support gastro-intestinal and liver detoxification functions, keys to intestinal health, balanced microbiome and general health.

  • The immune system is a double edge sword. It reacts appropriately to protect us against harmful invaders, but unfortunately, it can also trigger chronic inflammation in response to exposure to common foods, chemicals, molds and herbs.

     We call that: food sensitivities, which unlike allergies, can be controlled by food elimination.


  • Food elimination diet will eliminate foods that are generally known to increase inflammation in the body.

Food elimination can be individualized with the help of the ALCAT blood test, designed to identify the specific foods you may unknowingly be sensitized to (not to be confused with allergy testing).


  • In order to achieve an optimal health outcome, The 28 Days CLEANSE goes beyond dietary modification by incorporating very high-quality, clinically tested functional food “shakes” and supplements that contain ingredients suggested by research to supports healthy body composition and the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

Your response to this plan is based upon your individual biochemical makeup, medical history, and health status at the time you begin. We will evaluate your health status clinically and with laboratory tests, and we will guide and support you throughout your journey, and by weekly office visits.


Once you have completed the 28-day cleanse, we will reevaluate your needs, and make up a plan to match your needs, metabolic health and desire.

You may choose to CONTINUE the cleansing diet beyond 28 days, transition to a Low Calory Diet, or slowly REINTRODUCE previously limited foods.

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